Shannon Hamblin | Scriptwriter, Director & Producer


Our guest on episode 14 is Shannon Hamblin, a scriptwriter, director and producer based in Los Angeles. Shannon co-wrote what was named the 3rd best X-Files episode of all times (that would be season 11 episode 7!).

She has been working closely with Glen Morgan (Executive Producer of the X-Files) since 2013 when he discovered a feature script she wrote. Shannon worked with Morgan as writers/showrunner's assistant on Amazon's series "LORE". Prior to that, she produced two feature films after working several years in production.

She is now wrapping up post-production on her debut short film "Texas 2 Step" which  she wrote, directed, and produced; it’s planned to be released in the fall of 2019.

Shannon spoke to host Eva Hartling about the realities of being a female writer/director/producer in Hollywood; how she finally found her voice as a director working on her latest film… and about her definition of success, which she sums up with the following: “Success is not a place that you end up at; it’s not a hotel that you check into. It’s a long, bumpy winding road that never ends. There is no place at the end of it.”

Visit Shannon’s website if you’d like to know more about her and all of her exciting projects!