Tara Downs | Founder and Director, Downs & Ross Gallery


Tara Downs has found success as a young gallery owner on the highly competitive art scene in New York City and has built amazing credibility for her career and gallery within the industry. She is known for her unbelievable instinct in finding emerging artists with a unique point of view.

Tara grew up in Canada and launched her own gallery called ‘Tomorrow’ in Toronto in 2011, then moved to Berlin to be director of the Tanya Leighton art gallery until she came back to Canada and decided to take a chance and move to New York City, a decision she calls ‘the most spontaneous’ she ever took. Shortly after, Tara opened her own space in New York’s Lower East Side, and later merged spaces with her partner Alex Ross to open Downs and Ross, now located on the Bowery.

Tara spoke to Eva Hartling about her experience building her business, the challenges that come with being a woman on the art scene in Toronto, Berlin and New York, and shared what keeps her going and grounded.

Eva Hartling