Judith Maria Bradley | Nominee, Model of the Year, CAFA 2019


On Thursday this week, CAFA, the Canadian Arts and Fashion Awards, will host their sixth annual red-carpet Awards Gala, a unique evening that unite Canadian talent and fashion leaders from all over the world. 

To highlight CAFA and its impact in the life of Canadian fashion talent, many of them women, we will be showcasing a series of interviews with CAFA nominees and award winners.

To kick things off, Eva Hartling spoke with the one and only Judith Maria Bradley, who is nominated for Model of the Year at this year’s Gala. Judith is 74, and as a member of the CAFA organizing committee recently told her, there has never been a nominee over the age of 30 in that category. What is also surprising is that Judith only recently started modelling, in her late 60s. But what is truly inspiring is Judith’s absolute love for life. She believes that life is magic, and after speaking with her for this interview, we believe she herself is pure magic. She has never followed conventional rules, and the word conventional simply does not belong in her vocabulary. One could say models in their 60s and 70s are having a moment, with the likes of Linda Rodin and Iris Apfel in the ranks; and Judith is definitely part of that movement. She’s appeared in magazines (in Canada, the US and Europe); ad campaigns (including being casted for an Adidas campaign) and is a street style star with an active social media presence. But her real accomplishment is in proving to the world, and to women everywhere, that being a woman after 40, 50 or 60 does not mean taking a backseat, and that a career — including one usually reserved to twenty-somethings —  is possible for anyone who dreams it. Now if only we could have more Judiths in the world…

This episode was recorded at Hoame, Toronto’s leading meditation and wellness space.

Eva Hartling