Meghan Hull Jacquin | Partner, Law firm of Howie Sacks and Henry


Meghan Hull Jacquin is a Partner at Howie, Sacks and Henry, a Toronto-based personal injury law firm. Forget what you know about personal injury lawyers because Meghan is a true modern day superwoman, fighting for social justice and going against large insurance companies and corporations to defend the rights of her clients who, more often than not, are women. She has led several high-profile cases and is known among her peers as a fearless advocate who will go the extra mile for the victims she represents. Meghan also gives back through her involvement with Shelter Movers, a pan-Canadian organization founded by her husband, Marc Jacquin, whose mission is to help women who are leaving an abusive household by taking care of their move while they transition to a shelter. 

In this interview, Meghan and host Eva Hartling spoke about Meghan’s path in a male-dominated industry, the harassment and bullying that she expected would be par for the course  — but she also raises what we are often afraid to talk about openly, which is the agressive competitiveness that can exist among women in the workplace. Meghan has chosen to turn negative into positive and she advocates for more mentorship and more support between women, something she puts into action day after day.

Eva Hartling