Noura Sakkijha | CEO and co-founder, Mejuri


Noura Sakkijha is CEO and co-founder of Mejuri, a brand which has been disrupting the jewelry industry through its direct to consumer approach and its focus on entry price points — launching the existence of the “demi-fine” category in jewelry. Noura has been a complete visionary, turning away from her background as an engineer to imagining and then launching a jewelry brand that caters to self-purchasing women specifically, offering items that are often based on crowd-sourced designs and always at appealing prices. The company has grown rapidly, thanks in part to an injection of capital from VC investors, with the last round famously raised by Noura while she was pregnant with twins for a sizeable 23-million dollar investment. The future is bright for Mejuri — listen to Noura tell us about her vision of leadership, how she juggles being a mom and a CEO, and what’s next for her, and Mejuri.

Thank you to Hoame, The Brand is Female’s favourite meditation and mindfulness space in the heart of downtown Toronto, where we recorded this episode of our podcast with Noura.

Eva Hartling