Emily Ramshaw | Country Lead, Bumble Canada


Emily Ramshaw is the Canadian Lead for Bumble, the dating and networking app that is helping reshape gender dynamics and create a safe space for women online. Emily has an impressive track record in publishing, going from an internship at Flare in Toronto (where she became Assistant Fashion Director) and eventually moving to New York and joining the all-star team at The Coveteur.

Today Emily is passionate about spreading Bumble’s message of ending misogyny and promoting equality online. Emily and I chatted about her professional journey, the complexity of the online world and social media and its impact on today’s society, especially for younger women -- and the role that a platform like Bumble can play in changing gender dynamics. We also discussed the usual, you know, leadership, feminism and finding balance in our insanely busy lives…

My conversation with Emily was recorded at Hoame, The Brand is Female’s favourite meditation and wellness space in Downtown Toronto.

Eva Hartling