Dr Andrea Gelinas | Toronto's "cool" dentist


Dr Andrea Gelinas is not a regular dentist, she’s a cool dentist. After an appointment at her clinic, I have in fact been convinced that a visit at the dentist can be enjoyable. Dr Gelinas’ office is on Dundas West in Toronto, and after years practicing at other clinics in the US and Canada she decided she wanted to launch her dream dental office, and break from tradition with a swanky space that has nothing to do with the beige medical offices we are used to. It starts with beautiful decor and amazing customer experience, but it’s more than that. Dr Gelinas even recommended acupuncture as a way of dealing with my teeth-grinding problem, something I never expected a dentist to do. We often overlook dental health as part of our self-care routine and Dr Gelinas is here to remind us of why it matters. Listen to her story and to what made her want to carve her own unconventional path!

We recorded this episode at the beautiful Hoame — visit Toronto’s favourite meditation studio and get inspired to design your own selfcare routine!

Eva Hartling