Katie Kolodinski | Founder and Creative Director, Silk Laundry


This is Fashion Week season; Toronto Fashion Week wrapped up this week and New York is in full swing. To celebrate the many talented women in the field of fashion and design, we’re kicking off season 2 with an interview featuring Katie Kolondiski, founder and creative director of Silk Laundry, a wonderful line of silk slip dresses, camisoles, blouses and more.

Silk Laundry began as a side project five years ago with just four pieces, which Katie launched when she was living in Australia. Within the first year, the brand was carried in 60 stores. Today, the brand counts three stores (two are in Australia) and a staff of 17. Katie opened a Silk Laundry shop in Montreal after deciding to move back to Canada to be closer to her family and now works out of an office space above the shop. The brand has received accolades from the fashion community, and stars including Chrissy Teigen have been flocking to the brand’s popular slips.

Eva Hartling