Sentaler x SickKids at Toronto Fashion Week | Bojana Sentaler, Molly Fitzpatrick and Donna Bishop


Fashion Week recently wrapped up in Toronto and we recorded a special episode of the Brand is Female at an event held by Canadian outerwear brand Sentaler in honour of their partnership with SickKids, The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.

The Brand is Female’s Eva Hartling hosted a panel with the brand’s founder, Bojana Sentaler, Molly Fitzpatrick, chair of the Scrubs event held every year for Sick Kids, and Donna Bishop, host of FashionTalks podcast and fashion reporter for CBC.

Bojana, Molly, Donna and Eva discussed corporate responsibility and the best way of aligning a brand’s fundraising efforts with its DNA, what personal and brand philanthropy should be about, they talked about what women should do more of… and the always hot topic of finding balance (hint: Donna Bishop called it “the worst word to have ever been put on women”).

Learn more about Bojana Sentaler’s commitment to sustainability and social responsibility as the brand gets ready to celebrate its 10th anniversary!

Eva Hartling