About Eva Hartling
Founder & President, The Brand is Female

Eva Hartling Founder of the Brand is Female

Eva Hartling is a Brand Development, Marketing and Communications Strategist who is passionate about women empowerment in all its forms. She specializes in working with women entrepreneurs and women-focused brands from the lifestyle, fashion and beauty sectors. Through her 17+ years of experience helping brands achieve their objectives locally and internationally, more recently as VP, Birks Brand and Chief Marketing Officer for Canada-based Birks Group, Eva has built an expertise in understanding and successfully targeting women consumers. 

At Birks, Eva delivered innovative new product and marketing strategies to a redefined audience of self-purchasing women; she also led the development of a relationship with the world’s greatest influencer, the Duchess of Sussex which generated phenomenal exposure in the context of Birks’ global repositioning. Prior to joining Birks, Eva held positions in Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs at Telefilm Canada, RONA, BDC and IBM.

Eva is also the founder and host of “The Brand is Female” which has become Canada’s leading female leadership podcast. Eva is actively involved with the Fondation du Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and CANFAR, an organization dedicated to AIDS Research and Awareness.